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KSignAccess for SSO

KSignAccess for SSO is an integrated authentication solution that generates an encrypted token based on user login information, allowing seamless authentication in connected systems without the need for repeated login procedures.

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Equipped with National Intelligence Service Verified Module (KCMVP), GS Certification Level 1 and CC Certification.

KSignAccess for SSO

KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name
KSignAccess for SSO
  • Authentication Information Management

  • Verified Encryption Algorithms and Standards

  • Support for Various Integrations

  • Strong Access Control

Efficient Integrated Authentication with - Access for SSO

Key Features and Characteristics

Authentication Information Management
Secure storage of user authentication details in an encrypted token.
For web services, the session is provided with an encrypted token.
On logout or session timeout, session data is promptly removed.
In cases where a time lag occurs between the session information and communication with the server and agent, service disruption may result from session data inconsistencies.
Verified Encryption Algorithms and Standards
Utilization of various domestic and international standard algorithms Implementation of encryption modules certified by the National Intelligence Service (KCMVP).
Compliance with JWT, SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 standards.
Support for Diverse Integrations
Support for integration in various environments including web and CS settings.
Integration support for specific products (e.g., SAP).
At login, support for various authentication methods is provided, including certificates, mOTP/FIDO, fingerprints, etc.
Robust Access Control
Enhanced user authentication procedures through the integration of various authentication methods.
Additional support for token information used in linked business systems.
Improved system security through control of concurrent logins.

Efficient Integrated Authentication - Access for SSO


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Efficient Access with Integrated Authentication- Access

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