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PKI Certificate Issuance Experience strong authentication security in a non-face-to-face environment


The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certification system is designed to establish a secure authentication framework, offering functionalities such as authentication, electronic signatures, and non-repudiation.
This system provides a solution for the issuance and management of certificates, ensuring a secure and convenient process for handling authentication and certification needs.

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KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name
  • KSignCASE CA : A system for certificate creation and management.

  • KSignCASE RA : A system for user registration and identity verification.

  • KSignCASE OCSP : Online Certificate Status Protocol for verifying the status of certificates.

PKI Certificate Issuance -KSignPKI

Key Features and Functions

Certificate Registration, Issuance, and Management
Issuance of certificates and management of CRL (Certificate Revocation List) based on RFC5280 standards.
Generation of certificates based on electronic signature algorithms (such as RSA, KCDSA).
Handling certificate issuance, reissuance, renewal, and revocation processes based on the CMP
User Registration and Identity Verification
Compliance with RFC5280 standards.
Capabilities for individual and batch user registration processes.
Verification of the uniqueness of the subscriber-submitted electronic signature verification key (public key).
Designation and management of remote registration authorities.
Online Certificate Status Verification
OCSP(Online Certificate Status Protocol:
Utilizes the OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) standard (RFC 6960).
Supports certificate verification in compliance with RFC5280.
Access Control and Audit Record Management
Role-based permission allocation for various functionalities (policy, audit, certification services, etc.).
Manages audit records for critical services such as administrator and user certificate issuance.
Ensures complete integrity of generated audit records.
Provides system history management through the review of audit records.

PKI Certificate Issuance -KSignPKI


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PKI Certificate Issuance -KSignPKI

Key Solution Features

  • Certificate Creation and Management System

    Utilizes time synchronization (TimeSync) and standard algorithms.
  • User Registration and Identity Verification System

    Individual and batch user registration processes.
    Remote registration authority designation and management.
  • Online Certificate Status Verification

    Real-time online certificate validity checks.
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