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Mobile Authentication Enhance your mobile authentication security

Wizpass for mOTP

Wizpass for mOTP is a mobile OTP solution that generates a one-time password via mobile, enabling additional user authentication. It provides users with robust security through 2-Factor Authentication.

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Wizpass for mOTP

KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name
Wizpass for mOTP
  • Robust Authentication Security

  • Ease of System Operation and Management

  • Compliance with Regulations

  • Convenient Management Tools

Robust Mobile Authentication with - Wizpass for mOTP

Key Features and Characteristics

Robust Authentication Security
Enhanced login security with 2-Factor Authentication
Strengthened security through 2-Factor Authentication
Users' biometric information stored on the User Device
Ease of System Operation and Management
Service accessible through app installation
Simple registration possible via QR code method
Management of multiple authentication sites through a single mobile device
PUSH service support for user convenience
Convenient Management Tools
Provides a web-based administrator page
Policy-based time error range setting
Operational log access
Compliance Assurance
Adherence to laws and regulations regarding access control
Preparedness for internal and external personal information audits
Compliance with standards for securing personal information

Robust Mobile Authentication with - Wizpass for mOTP


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Robust Mobile Authentication with - Wizpass for mOTP

Key Features of the Solution

  • Stability of Authentication Information

    Utilizes standard algorithms in the TimeSync method.
  • Robust Authentication Security

    Offers a strong authentication security environment through 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Enhanced Convenience

    Allows use through mobile app installation without the need for a separate OTP device or additional equipment.
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