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PKI Electronic Signature Secure your data transmission across networks


Establishes secure sessions in various communication environments such as web interfaces, C/S environments, and server segments.
Protects data during transmission and reception, and provides user authentication through electronic signature functionality.

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Equipped with National Intelligence Service Verified Module (KCMVP)


KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name

Secure Network Data Transmission - CASE

Key Features and Functions

Diverse User Authentication
Supports certificate-based login (GPKI / NPKI).
Compatible with ID / PW methods.
Authentication information extraction feature.
Identity verification functionality.
Segment and Data Encryption
Conducts encryption/decryption and electronic signature in accordance with international and domestic standards.
Supports partial encryption that protects specific data on web pages. Secure API software using AJAX techniques for encrypted communication between the browser and the system.
Certificate Processing
Supports and interconnects with various certificate authorities such as the Ministry of the Interior and Safety's GPKI, the officially recognized NPKI, and the Ministry of Education's EPKI.
Utilizes ARL/CRL for certificate status verification, enabling the confirmation of certificate revocation and ensuring reliable certificate validation

Secure Network Data Transmission - CASE


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Secure Network Data Transmission - CASE

Key Solution Features

  • Verified Reliability

    Utilizes standard encryption algorithms like RSA, SEED, which are recognized for their safety, and products have passed the National Intelligence Service's cryptographic verification tests, ensuring product reliability.
  • High Compatibility

    Supports certificates from the top five domestic certification authorities and products that have passed the United States NIST interoperability tests, offering high compatibility.
  • Customer Environment Support

    Compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows, MAC, UNIX, and LINUX. Supports various browser environments, ensuring independence from OS constraints and enabling the solution to be implemented without browser restrictions.
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