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Encryption Key Management Manage the lifecycle of your encryption keys.


For secure encryption key management, KsignKMS safeguards your encryption keys by physically storing them separately, thus protecting them from exposure risks. With enhanced encryption key management, KsignKMS ensures the safe handling of the encryption key lifecycle, from creation to disposal.

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Equipped with National Intelligence Service Verified Module (KCMVP)

KSignKMS v3.0

KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name
KSignKMS v3.0

ㆍIntegrated H/W and S/W Appliance Equipment
ㆍEncryption modules certified by the National Intelligence Service
ㆍCompliance with KMIP standard for encryption key lifecycle management
ㆍFull redundancy support for disaster recovery
ㆍTLS v1.3 encryption for inter-component communication
ㆍQuantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) support (optional)
ㆍHSM(Hardware Security Module)(option)

Safe - Key Management System

Key Features and Characteristics

Key Management
Provides creation, renewal, and disposal functions for encryption keys used in encryption and decryption
(Supports KMIP encryption key LIFECYCLE)
Offers storage, backup, and recovery functions for active encryption keys
Manages lists of encryption key groups and encryption key version lists
Access Control
Provides access control functionalities for encryption key access and the encryption/decryption processes.
Implements access controls based on security policies.
Offers backup and recovery functions for security policies.
Offers a variety of domestic and international standard algorithms (ARIA-128, ARIA-256, SEED, AES-128, AES-256, LEA-128, LEA-256, TDES, RSAES).
Equipped with encryption modules certified by the National Intelligence Service (KCMVP).
Audit Records
Provides detailed audit record functionalities for administrator actions and encryption key usage history.
Sends warning emails to authorized administrators upon detection of potential security risks.
Verifies the integrity of stored audit data./dd>

Safe - Key Management System


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Safe - Key Management System

Key Features of the Solution

  • Compliance with Encryption Key Management Regulations

    Secure storage and management of encryption keys in a safe cryptographic device
    Provides encryption, access control, and access history management for encryption keys
  • Enhanced Security

    Equipped with encryption modules certified by the National Intelligence Service
    Offers various domestic and international standard encryption algorithms
    Supports hierarchical key management based on domains
    Complies with OASIS KMIP standards
    Supports PKCS #11 standard compliance
  • Increased Convenience

    Web-based administrative console for operational ease
    External key injection feature for external connectivity
    Integrated equipment design for easy installation and setup
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