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Integrated Authentication Efficiently manage your business environment

KSignAccess for IAM

Offers comprehensive management capabilities for user accounts, including creation, modification, and deletion.
A solution that enables automated account information management in conjunction with HR systems.

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Equipped with National Intelligence Service Verified Module (KCMVP), GS Certification Level 1 and CC Certification.

KSignAccess for IAM

KSIGN Co., Ltd.
Product Name
KSignAccess for IAM
  • Integrated account information capabilities.

  • Web Interface (Self-Service).

  • Provisioning.

  • Workflow.

Efficient Integrated Authentication - Access for IAM

Key Features and Characteristics

Integrated Account Information Feature
Synchronization with HR Information Systems.
Real-time/Batch synchronization.
Account issuance and deletion through account application/approval processes.
Batch processing for account registration.
Web Interface (Self-Service)
Offers account permission/application features.
Enables users to modify their own profile (attributes).
Provides functionalities for account owners to manage their accounts directly, such as changing or resetting passwords.
Defines business procedures related to the creation, modification, and deletion of accounts.
Executes requests in accordance with predefined business procedures upon task requests.
Facilitates automated account management through provisioning in response to organizational changes, personnel transfers, or job role alterations.
Enables automated management of user accounts in events such as new hires or departures.

Efficient Integrated Authentication - Access for IAM


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Efficient Integrated Authentication - Access

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