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about KSIGN A Security Company Growing Together with Customers

CEO's Message

Since our founding in 1999, we have become a leading company in domestic authentication and security technology, based on the fundamentals of security.
With an unwavering commitment, KSIGN is ready to take on the security challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, welcoming the new era of ICT with a sincere attitude.

I am Seoung Rag Choi, CEO of KSIGN.

At KSIGN, our dedicated team believes in the possibility of achieving anything, united by the goal of creating a happy and thriving KSIGN.

Through our passion and spirit of challenge, we have grown into a leading enterprise in domestic authentication and security technology.
As we embrace a new era of ICT, KSIGN aspires to be a global leader in the converging security industry.
Our recognized expertise in authentication and security technology, acknowledged by individuals, businesses, and governments, forms the foundation of our aspirations.
We aim to secure technological competitiveness in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain domains, providing excellence and value in technology suitable for the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

All employees at KSIGN are committed to earning genuine trust from our customers
We are accelerating our efforts in research and development of information security technology, striving to evolve into a global corporation.
Our unwavering dedication is focused on continuously progressing and achieving these goals.

Thank you.